-Principles of the Journal
The LATIN AMERICAN REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC DISSEMINATION is a body for the dissemination of partial or definitive research papers. Its nature is multidisciplinary, so its two annual numbers are structured in the following fields: a. social sciences and art; b. natural, exact, agricultural, health and engineering sciences.

-Shipping Methods and Evaluation of the articles
Authors interested in publishing their article in the LATIN AMERICAN MAGAZINE OF SCIENTIFIC DISSEMINATION must submit their article on the OJS platform. You can also send your work to the email revistalatinoamericanadifusion@gmail.com, with a communication signed by all the authors and addressed to the Editor of the Magazine. This communication will express the interest of the authors to propose their work for publication in the journal, prior evaluation of the Arbitration Committee. A curriculum synthesis of each author will be added in this communication with an extension of no more than ten (10) lines. In an attached file, the Word version of the article will be sent without the identification of the author or authors. The articles proposed for this magazine must be unpublished and must not have been proposed simultaneously to other publications. All articles will be evaluated by a Committee of Referees-Specialists, selected by the Editorial Committee of the Magazine. The evaluation of the Referees will be carried out by means of the procedure known as blind pair: the arbitrators and the authors will not know their respective identities. The Evaluation criteria are the following: a. Content criteria: 1) mastery of evidenced knowledge; 2) scientific rigor; 3) theoretical and methodological foundation; 4) news and relevance of the sources consulted; 5) contributions to existing knowledge. b. Formal or presentation criteria: 1) originality, relevance and adequate extension of the title; 2) clarity and coherence of speech; 3) adequate preparation of the summary; 4) internal organization of the text. Upon receipt of the response of the designated Referees Committee, the authors will be informed by email of the corresponding decision

-Presentation of the articles
Articles must submit a summary of a maximum of 100 to 200 words, plus four keywords; both the summary and the keywords will be in Spanish and English. Likewise, the title and subtitle of the work will also be presented in Spanish and English. The maximum extension of the work will be twenty (30) pages, and ten (10) as a minimum extension (except for fully justified exceptions). The text will be presented in space and a half, in Times New Roman font, size 12. The LATIN AMERICAN MAGAZINE OF SCIENTIFIC DISSEMINATION publishes its articles in Spanish or English.

-Article body
It will be divided into Introduction, Development and Conclusions (or Final Considerations, as the case may be). Some articles, with an essentially reflexive orientation and close to the essay, can dispense with this structure. The introduction will include the general purpose or objective pursued. The Development will be organized into sections and subsections duly identified with subtitles numbered completely in Arabic according to the decimal system, responding to a continuous sequence and using a period to separate the levels of division. The Introduction and Conclusion are excepted from this numbering. If there are illustrations (graphics, maps, photos), reference should be made to them in the text. These illustrations will be counted within the maximum length of the article. Explanatory or explanatory notes should be reduced to the minimum necessary and placed at the bottom of duly marked pages. Supplementary materials will be collected in annexes, which will be identified with a letter and a title and placed after bibliography or references.

The aforementioned will be made in the text using the author-date mode, indicating, in the case of a textual quote, the author's last name (s), followed by a comma, year of publication of the work, followed by a colon and the (the) number (s) of the page (s), for example: according to Rincon (1998: 45) or (Rincon, 1998: 45); if it is not a textual quote but a paraphrase, the page number will not be indicated, example: according to Rincon (1998) or (Rincon, 1998). If there are several works by the same author published in the same year, they will be sorted literally in alphabetical order; for example, (Rincon, 2008a: 12), (Rincon, 2008b: 24). If they are two authors, only the first surname of each one will be placed, for example: According to Morales and Fleires (2008: 90) or (Morales and Fleires, 2008: 90), following the same criteria explained above for textual quotes and paraphrase. In the case of three or more authors, the last name of the main author will be placed followed by “et al”, example: (Rincón et al., 2008: 45).